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no fever

Monday, March 5th, 2007

aber ich fühle mich recht beschissen
but i still feel like crap.

apad – device week

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

saw this tonight and found a theme for the week:


well, no images got in the first show. I wonder if the same images, but with female models would have been accepted. I am often amazed at the quality, or lack thereof, of some images that, because they have a nude female in them, are labeled as ‘art’. I may be trying to make myself feel better here, but in utah at least, it seems that many in the art community do not want to be labeled as prude and so mediocre nudes get accepted into shows. After all, a naked woman in black and white automatically qualifies as fine art, right? What else could it be?

Sigh, i am over it and looking foward to the next opportunity (or lack thereof 😉 ).

bad things about being sick

Monday, September 18th, 2006

among the other, more obvious, bad things about being sick are…

  1. medication is over-rated
  2. taking a shower seems like a really hard task
  3. washing your face isn’t much easier
  4. court TV
  5. you discover that jerry springer may just be the best thing on daytime television

my queendom for a sock

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

that fits…

too big jaywalker sock

Up to now i have finished 4 pairs of socks. The first fit me mostly, but are perhaps a bit too short. The second fit me in length, but are loose in the leg and could honestly be a bit tighter in the foot as well. This third went to SOP, because they were too big for me and the fourth went to SOP because they were intended for him.

I have also started two other pairs of socks for me. One i ripped out for being too big, then ripped out again for being too small (and this was a measure and calculate pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks). It is currently living in a ball state. The second is the fine example you see above. The jaywalker.

I am on gauge, and yet it is too big around and WAY too big in the heel. Let’s not talk about the length. I was using the toe-up pattern, and that might be the problem. The toe-up pattern says it is based on the “you’re putting me on” heel sock, and yet the numbers vary greatly from those in that pattern. But honestly, at this point can i really believe it is the pattern?

Anyone have any ideas? I do the measurements, but i like my socks snug. I do have a wider ball of the foot, but a high arch. SOP also would mention that i have ‘muscular’ feet, but i am not sure that makes a difference in this case…

oh, the pressure

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

on my ears. Or, i finally got sop’s cold. Or, he is to blame for my misery and he better make me some hot soup tonight!

Can i go home now?