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Monday, April 16th, 2007




last weekend a friend dropped by (at 10 p.m., as i was starting to get ready for bed) who is going through some ‘stuff’ and exudes ‘stuff’. This makes dogie nervous. Dogie does not like people with a lot of ‘stuff’. At one point in the evening, Dogie came over and nosed our friend, “hey buddy, take your stuff and get out of here!” But he did not get the picture. So, koala got the brunt of dogie’s discomfort…

needs a patch

Am wochenende kam ein Bekannter vorbei (gegen 2200 Uhr, als ich anfinge mich bereit fürs schlafen machen wollte). Dieser Bekannte geht zur Zeit durch einige harte ‘Sachen’, und trägt seine ‘Sachen’ um sich, wenn Du verstehst was ich meine. ‘Sachen’ gefallen dogie nicht. Irgendwann kam er an den bekannten und hat ihn mit seiner Nase geschubst, “He, Du, pack Deine Sachen und hau ab!”, aber der Bekannte hat es nicht gerafft. Also musste Koala die Hauptlast Dogies Unbehagen tragen.

The good news is, of course, that dogie took to Koala about a month ago and Koala is hi ‘main’ friend at the moment.

Die gute Nachrichten sind, dass Dogie Koala seit einem Monat als Hauptfreund behaltet.

it’s supposed to snow today

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

heute soll es schneien

crocus 5

that makes me think of a croissant

Monday, February 26th, 2007

und jetzt denkst Du an…
2- croissant
and now what are you thinking of…

the last image in the game reminded sallyjo of the flaky layers of a croissant, or perhaps a sandy canyon wall. Twig was reminded of a wedding veil, and sally jo mentioned that she could see that completely. Apparently Utah weddings are lacking in the plastic arena.

In any case, I went for the croissant. Not as easy as one might think, i should have gone for the wedding veil as those are really a dime a dozen around here.

Das vorheriges Bild im Spiel errinnerte sallyjo an ein Croissant, oder vielleicht die sandige Waender einer Felsschlucht. Twig wurde an einen Brautschleier errinnert – offentsichtlich fehlen der Hochzeiten in Utah an Kunststoff.

Egal, ich entschiede mich ein Hoernchen zu finden, was gar nicht so einfach war – ich haette mich vielleicht doch auf den Brautschleier entschieden, die sind in Utah wie Sand am Meer zu finden.

the vote

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

the vote was pretty uneventful at our polling station. Utah has the Diabolical© machines, but also has a paper trail. You get to review your vote on screen before you submit and then on the paper receipt and THEN cast your ballot. The only ‘problem’ when i was there was that they only had two machines up at 7:00 (and a line of 8 people) and they were handing out cards faster than people could vote. This meant that people were standing behind the people actually voting at the time and, since it was the fist time voting with the new system, invariably they were watching the voters’ screens. The poll-workers had the card issuers stop issuing cards for a while so that they could get caught up and by the time i finished casting my ballot no one was standing behind any voters and four machines were up and running.

Happy U.S. voting day everyone! Enjoy your voice.

apad – fall leaves

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

point and spin