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today i will do great things

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

and then i will go out and play. – my niece

and monday was a great play day for me and SOP! we went up into the Uintas to go cross country skiing along the beaver creek. it was clear and beautiful above the haze of the salt lake valley and i have not had this good of a day in ages! we went to the bagel shop (the only one in town that still boils their bagels, which means the only real bagel shop in town) and then hit REI to rent xc gear for me. Then it was out of the smog and into the mountains!

we took dogie, not knowing how well he would do on a long hike: he’s still getting his leg strength back since his surgery, but he did quite well! that was good news. i’d tell you more, but words cannot describe how fun and beautiful the day was, so here are the pics of some very happy beings:
happy dogie
happy sop
nice profiles, don’t you think?
happier sop
goofy holly
happy sop and hx