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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

happy holidays folks! whatever you celebrate, celebrate it well!

Schoene Feiertage, Leuten! Egal was Ihr feiert, feiert es mit Gefuehl!

Frohe Schitag!
happy holidays
happy skiday!

the good old presidents

Monday, February 20th, 2006

you know, the thing i really like about abraham lincoln was that he was an aquarian. I think he’s one of my favorite aquarians, actually. I’m also proud to share Susan B. Anthony’s birthday (just the day, mind you), but she was never a president of the united states, so has little to do with the great holiday i got to celebrate today: Presidents’ Day.

With fewer stink sleds up the canyon than usual, we got to celebrate in style, on cross country skis.

quiet meadow

heading to the ridge


nice tracks

mount timpanogos

and i leave you with a panorama (HUGE if you click on it)

a panorama state of mind

Saturday, February 4th, 2006

once again, thuy has me thinking. Her panoramas are so fun. Mine however, are merely large (and even larger if you click on them for the full size).

the lake at the bottom of a powerline run:
brighton 1

after the hike out:
brighton 2
and after the hike up from crest:
brighton 3
happy birthday d:
more snow

the holiday weekend

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

i’ll admit, i disappoint most people: I do not decorate every inch of the house for the christmas holiday, this year i didn’t even do holiday baking (which really just hurts me, since only a small percentage of the treats actually make it out the door when i do bake anyway). I don’t send out cards to every person i know (which is a disappointment i need to remedy), nor do i sing christmas carols non-stop from the beginning of advent on. Despite what people want me to be, given my name, i am not into christmas all that much. I love picking out gifts for people, though, and christmas is an excellent excuse for that.

op thought it wasn’t too bad a gift (i think)

Other than that, there is one holiday tradition that i really enjoy, one that my family has not done in a number of years but that sop and i revived this year:

may you enjoy the time you have with friends and loved ones

and may you not do too many face plants in 2006!

runaway weekend

Monday, January 31st, 2005

so, this weekend i did the usual, which means i worked. BUT, i also did the unusual, which means i got out of town. a friend of SOP was having a surprise birthday party up in Heber (near park city). well, HE wasn’t having it, as it was a surprise, his wife was putting it on, but you get the gist of the matter: we went up to a “cabin” in heber for a weekend birthday party. i put the word cabin in quotes in the above sentence because this place was about 4000 square feet and had so much stuff inside, that it does not qualify as a cabin in my mind, but i think they like to call it a cabin instead of “second home”. anyway, the “themes” some pillow fluffer decided to cover every square inch of wall- and shelf-space in this place with ranged from medieval (tapestries, cherubs, suits of armor) through southwestern (large native-american-stylized prints on a hallway wall so that you couldn’t see them anyway) to outdoorsy (hunting and fishing paraphernalia accompianied by birdhouses). The interior and size of the place aside, however, this was a beautiful place to be. right out the back door you could go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. had i brought my tele skis it would have been even better than the XC skis, but who cares?! it was so much fun to be outside in the hills and snow!

sop and the object of celebration:
they look like brothers

sop on the ridge with Chad and Charlotte
on the ridge

the least-decorated room in the house (the mud-room, as we prepare to head out skiing). the lack of whigmaleerie must disconcert the owners every time they come into the room:

and my favorite shot, taken on the way up the canyon, of a blurry, bouncy, blue, clear sky: