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Thursday, November 30th, 2006

It started on the weekend. I had, perhaps, been knitting too much. Although i am not sure how i had the time since i was editing a music video for my final cut pro class. In any case, i ended up with this:

Es fing am Wochenende an. Ich habe vielleicht ein Bisschen zu viel gestrickt. Obwohl ich weiss gar nicvht wie das moeclich ist, da ich ein Musikvideo fuer meinen Final Cut Pro Kurz redigieren musste. Egal wie, ich habe das gekriegt:

Ein Blaeschen an meinem Finger. Aua!
a blister on (under?) my writer’s bump. Ow.

Monday, i packed my clothes and books into my running backpack and headed home. One of my books was sitting weird and by the time i got home, i had this (although this is the semi-healed version):

Montag, habe ich meine Kleider und Buecer in meinen Laufsrucksack zusammengepackt und bin nach Hause gerannt. Ein Buch hat irgendwie falsch gelegen und als ich ankam habe ich das gekriegt (obwohl das Bild hier zeigt meinen Ruecken schon am Heilen):


Tuesday, running home again, i headed down a steep, snowy hill. Reach the bottom – safely. Step onto the parking lot. Onto the ice. Slip. Fall. Spring back up. Laugh.

Dienstag, lief ich wieder nach Hause. Lief einen steilen schneebedeckten Huegel herunter, sicher. Tratt auf den Parkplatz – aufs Eis. Rutsch! Plumps. Aufspringen. Lachen.


Wednesday and thursday have been mishap-free. Shhh…. don’t tell the universe.

Mittwoch und Donnerstag sind Missgeschicksfrei abgelaufen, aber SSHHHH, sag dem Universum nichts.


Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

i walk back to work from zen practice. pellets of snow like styrofoam drop on my head and roll under my feet. my breath bounces off them in white pillows, split upon contact into feathers and fall into oblivion.

server message

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

don’t you love when you login to your server to do a little maintenance and you are greeted with something like this:

well, sure, OK!


Sunday, September 10th, 2006

thanks for all the knitting project ideas. I really like the entrelac washcloths and have already done some ball-band wash-cloths, some using spider woman’s idea of the smaller versiom, which works well for me. I also like jessica’s recent post on the ganomy hat and think it would be great to make as a MS fundraiser beanie.

In real life, however, I have only started on one spider hat and am still working on my aran (about 1/3 of the way into the second sleeve). Saturday I ran a half marathon (2nd in my division, 17th in my gender), I just wish I had more time to train. Work has been sapping the life-force right out of me for various reasons. But I have been shooting (film) and am trying to get some pieces printed for a statewide exhibition coming up. None too sure that I will get anything in, as I am perhaps over-emphasizing the playfulness of art in the pieces I am submitting, but if they do not get accepted, I am really okay with it. I am sick of stuffiness.

But let me show you a beautiful thing i saw on my walk this morning:

blue flower 1

and now it is time for bed. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that you were able to tell someone you love how much you care about them.

rocky mountain high

Friday, August 4th, 2006

heading to estes park this week for a family reunion with 200+ people i have never met*. Should be fun!**

* well, i have met one person, who stayed with my family years ago when she and her husband were moving to utah and in the process of finding someplace to live. What i really remember is that they ate every meal with us and the man schimpfed my mother out when we ran out of his favorite kind of cereal and took to hiding the jam he liked. They later divorced.

** this from an intovert, but really, i think it will be a good time! Can’t go too wrong in the mountains.