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kumihimo for sop

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

thursday night i declared the kumihimo braid officially long enough! Then friday night i added a bit more, just in case. Glued and wrapped the ends, after running to the library to get a better description than “wrap the ends in the traditional fashion” and fabric-glued the end-threads. (I didn’t really find a better description by the way, it is probably just my own insecurity that made this a daunting task). Saturday, sop attached the end clamps with E6000 glue and sunday night the necklace went out on the town.

ring-side seats

the braid will most likely stretch from the weigh of the platinum ring, so i have an extra clasp set for that time, when i will re-wrap the ends at the correct length and cut off the remainder.


i’m also looking forward to re-doing the clasp. i am not quite happy with the plentitude of residual glue.

If you are looking into kumihimo, i made this braid using the plate and disk book and disk available from braidershand. Janis is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and i would definitely recommend braidershand as a resource and supplier. I will probably make a few more braids on the plate and disk before i contemplate purchasing a marudai, but i really enjoyed making this braid once i got the trials (and HUGE errors) done.

photo a day – kumihimo

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

this is only a test…

made from hemp

i’ll be in a home for christmas

Friday, December 16th, 2005

two of my absolute most favorite things are driving through town and shopping. really. well, standing in line is up there, too, but it really is at best a distant third.

logically then i had a fantastic day, as i had the opportunity to do not just my two favorite things, but the third as well. If someone would have tried to run me off the road while flipping me off, well, the day would have been pretty darn close to perfect.


i had the day off, and spent the morning seperating threads. the present that sop doesn’t know about is a kumihimo neckband for him to put his wedding ring on. So, getting ready for a trial run, i took embridery thread and started seperating and then loading into the kumihimo plate (traditional kumihimo is done on a marudai, but i’m just getting a feel for this, and do not know how much i’ll be doing it in the future, and so i opted for the plate and disk method). After an hour of seperating threads and starting my first braid, i realized that i needed bobbins to hold the loose ends – and quickly. If i didn’t, i was never going to get to this:

no more tangles instruction

and most certainly not to this:

mmm… twirls

Time to hit the road, as they say. Get the ball rolling, stop dragging my a**, you know what i mean.

Thirty minutes (10 minutes looking, 20 minutes standing in a four-person line) after entering michael’s, i emerged with these:

10% more plastic goodness

Since one really cannot have enough of driving in holiday traffic, i decided to do more of these fine activities while i was out. After a short stop to the Library, i headed through town, buying the last gifts on my list and a candle ring to get some greenery in the house, dropping some things off for good will, not recycling cardboard due to the overflowingness of the recepticles and posting a sign for some items i’m selling at REI. But i have to say, i love Steve Hagen’s audio book “Buddhism Plain and Simple”. I’m an addict of Pema Choedron’s, but i don’t always quite know what she’s saying. When i finish listening to this book, i just might.

Zen state aside.

I got home and pulled out the bobbins, wrapped the first thread around its bobbin securely,let it go and watched it unravel to the floor. Hmm… it seems that these bobbins MAY hold an entire skein of embroidery thread, but only if you don’t seperate the threads out. Thank goodness i waited the 20 minutes in line for these. I grabbed one of the boxes that didn’t make it in the recycling bin and voila:

today’s apad

Now, with the kumihimo fiasco well hidden and sop coming home with FOOD, i can sit by the candle ring and enjoy the smell of pine blended with one of my favorite scented candles:

nothing says holidays like tangy pear

Enjoy your weekend!