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perhaps a disappointment

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

it is not an underarm gusset exposé, but a totally different sweater that i started way later than sop’s, and yet finished way before his as well. (the 4.5mm needles may have something to do with that. who knew 1.5mm would make such a big difference?).

Leider keine Achselhöhledenkschrift, sondern ein Pullover der ich nach SOPs angenagen und auch gefertigt habe (es mag daran liegen, daß ich 4.5mm Nadeln statt 3.0mm benutzte. Wer hätte gedacht, daß 1.5mm so weinen großen Unterschied machen könnte!)

First, the beer
Old Rasputin Beer

Zuerst, das Bier

New to our state liquor store (as far as i know at least), I had tried a couple North Coast Brewing Company’s Beligian-style ales and quite enjoyed them. I thought the Old Rasputin’s Imperial Stout might be a nice contrast to the lighter color of the sweater, while the angora in the Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed could make the sweater very welcome on a cold Russian evening.

Neu bei uns (soweit ich weiss), ich hatte schon ein paar biere nach der belgischen Stil von North Coast Brewing Company probiert. Ich dachte aber, daß das Old Rasputin’s Imperial Stoutschön gegen die helle Farben des Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Garns kontrastieren wurde und die Angorawolle vielleicht ganz willkommen an einen kühlen russischen Abend heissen dürfen.

pentagon sweater

Here, however, it was spring over the weekend. The tulips were not killed by last week’s snow, but a cool breeze in the afternoon made the sweater still very wearable.

Hier, aber, wurde es am Wochenende Frühling. Der Schnee von der letzten Woche hat die Tulippen nicht getötet und der spätnachmittaglichen Wind ließ man den Pulli gut anziehen.

completed pentagon sweater

You may not know that flying guy is now in our backyard, after being set free from his downtown duties. Poor guy had now idea what he was getting into…

Ich schätze, daß Ihr nicht wißt, daß flying guy bei und jetzt wohnt. Er wurde seine Diensten in der Innenstadt frei gesetzt. Arme Seele, wenn er nur gewußt hatte was ihn zukam…

no, too much beer has NOT been had
Nein, es liegt nicht (nur) an das Bier!


Pentagon Aran Cardigan by Norah Gaughan
Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed
4.5mm / 3.75 mm
Used 3-needle bind-off for the shoulders. Arms knit in the round. Would have been easy to knit the body in the round as well, but at that point i was just going to follow the pattern…
Old Rasputin Imperial Stout, North Coast Brewing Co.
It was very easy to knit. I mostly just followed the instructions.
There was one error posted on the publisher’s site, and in my opinion there was an error in the cable chart as well – having to do with where the purl stitches should go during one section of cables in order for the seed stitch to work as charted in a later section. Other than that it was pretty mindless knitting. I tried to do something fancy with short-row shoulder shaping and then gave up on it.

looking forward

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

not to give anything away or anything, but i believe i will be enjoying a tasty beverage, i.e. a beer, this weekend.

Nicht um ein Geheimnis zu verraten, aber ich denke schon daß ich am Wochenende ein leckeres Getränk geniessen werde…


Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

bald sichtbar in der Achselhohle sops
soon to be seen in sop’s underarm

good news

the city voted at the end of March to keep with the area’s master plans.
bad news

due to the amount of time spent fighting the development, i did not run enough and will not be running the slc marathon this year
good news

sop and i both got sculpture commissions
bad news

sop and i both got sculpture commissions – due May 29 (but still really good news 😉
good news

progress is being made on sop’s christmas sweater
bad news

progress is STILL being made on sop’s christmas sweater and it is APRIL

Here’s to 2009 – which really just began for me.

Auf 2009! Das für mich gerade begonnen ist…


Monday, September 29th, 2008

so, back in 2005, i made the-sweater-that-was-meant-for-me-but-fits-sop. Then, in 2006, i made the refined raglan. Now, the only similarity is not just Silky Wool…

In 2005 strickte ich the-sweater-that-was-meant-for-me-but-fits-sop. Dann, in 2006, kam der refined raglan. Nun, kommen die beiden zusammen …


Yes, i ripped out the refined raglan, after not really wearing it and reknit the sweater that was meant for me – for me!

Ja, ich habe den refined raglan gefroggt (Hilfe hier, wie wurde man das richtig sagen?) und als Pulli für Mich gestrickt!


Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool in Black
Needles: Various, 6mm/US size 4
Beer: Wasatch Brew Pub’s Pumpkin Ale
Verdict: I love the way the sweater fits (finally) and the beer is reminiscent of spicy pumpkin without being overwhelming or sweet.

a little winter welcome

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Sweater: Notre Dame Pullover, IK Summer 2007
Yarn: Reynolds Andean Alpaca Regal, Shade
Size: 40 inches (needed 10 balls yarn, however, not 9)
Buttons: Bloodwood Special, hand made by SOP
Alterations: Thumbholes!
Beer: Samual Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale

Today it snowed!

Heute schneite es!

Knöpfe von SOP
notre dame, button close-up
buttons crafted by SOP

a little winter welcome ale


it's warm outside