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chimay be down…

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

but she’s not out. Technically, she is not even down anymore.

Pattern: Seneca, by Jared Flood
Yarn: Classic Elite Lush in Vintage Blue
Needles: 4.5mm / US 7
Beer Pairing: Chimay Blue, a lush beer for a lush sweater
Modifications: Worked body to 14.5” before joining sleeves. (longer than pattern – and possibly a bit too long for me). Worked 4 rows after bottom cable of body, then worked decreases every 6th row (instead of every 5th). Interestingly, the schematic shows a slow decrease angle and then a rapid increase angle, but the pattern dictates the opposite.
Worked sleeves to 6” before increases, then 17.75” before joining to body. (perfect length for me)

Thoughts: I was hoping that the Lush would fluff up enough after blocking to hide the waviness caused by the decreases between cable rounds in the yoke. This is a main reason I stayed with the fluffy yarn even though it took 4 months to arrive. It doesn’t quite do the trick, however. I still like the look of the sweater, but i wish i could have done something about that.
I like the drape of the sweater, however, and love how the back short-rows help the fit of the neck and give it a bit of extra length in the back.

üppiges Getränk und ein üppiger Pullover
seneca and chimay
lush, lush and lush?

warme ärmel, warme arme
seneca arms
warm arms

und ein warmer Rücken
and a warm back

sop und ich trinken auf den Pullover
a toast to seneca
sop and i toast the sweater

Dogie bleibt unbeeindrückt
dogie snooze
Dogie remains unimpressed

typing under anesthesia

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

just got home from surgery. wow. that was fun. i still taste the anesthesia ,yum. this will be short, the drugs should kick in soon.

I will write more on the sweater when i can put my head above my foot. I am actually almost done – even though i pretty well knit it twice.

Good to see you again!

blue skies and broken bones

Monday, April 12th, 2010

seneca sleeve

Ah, 2010. I had such high hopes for you. How are you looking so far? I have been sick twice. 2X! More than i am normally sick in 2 years. Is this in celebration of double digits? Not nice.

Then, on SOP’s birthday, on a simple ski in the trees, but on a fairly flat spot with layers of differently texture snow, i heard/felt a ‘pop’ mid-turn. Crap. We got patrol, and it was a fantastic ride out to say the least! Since we were back a ways, they got a snow machine for part of the trek – until the snow machine got stuck and the patroller and i buried. They all did a great job, but the clinic confirmed what I was pretty sure of already – my fibula was broken. Drats.

Last friday i had a follow-up appointment with the orthopaedist. The fracture has shifted and that means surgery. Double Drats.

The good news, however, is that I am now on my way to robot status! I’m getting metal in my leg!

Full Sail Gansey

Monday, August 10th, 2009

A mere 8 months later, sop’s Full Sail gansey is done!

Bloß 8 Monaten später, der Full Sail Gansey ist fertig!

small lakes

A swim in the lake…
stick games
Am See…

gussets rock

wish we were sailing

SOP chose the beer this time…
pours so nicely
sop hat das bier gewählt

and a fine choice it was!
what a gorgeous beer
und was für eine schmeckhafte Wahl!

full sail


Beth Brown-Reinsel: Design your own Gansey
Brown Sheep Wool: NatureSpun Worsted in Butterscotch
2.0-3.0mm (many bent and broken beyond recognition)
A pattern based solely on changes. Used split welt with doubled yarn on 2.25mm needles to start. Graduated the ribs on the side to the ribs going up the sides to the gussets. Used neck gussets as well. Notice the ribs going all the way from the neck to the cuff? Not as easy as one might first think. One cuff is done with single yarn on 2mm needles and the other with doubled yarn on 2.25mm needles – we’ll see which lasts best
Full Sail’s Old Boardhead Barleywine Ale. Supplied by sop, an excellent match for a fishing sweater. High Octane as well.

back to the gussets

Monday, April 27th, 2009

SOP’s christmas/birthday/earth day/memorial day/labor day(?) gift was/is/will be a gansey. He knows this. I am disclosing no secrets here. He picked out the yarn, even. (Brown Sheep’s Nature Spun Worsted in Butterscotch). I ordered the yarn in October at Black Sheep Wool and I think it arrived in November. I’m getting a gauge of 7.5st/10rows/inch on 3.0mm needles. I’m also getting a callous on my index finger that is regularly punctured by the needles.

SOPs Weihnachten/Geburtstag/Pfingsten/Tag der Arbeit (Mai 1? Wahrscheinlich nicht!) Geschen ist/war/wird ein Gansey. Er weisst es schon, ich enthülle hier keine verborgene Geheimniße. Er hat sogar die Wolle, (Brown Sheep’s Nature Spun Worsted in Butterscotch), gewählt. Die Wolle wurde in Oktober bestellt und ist in November angekommen. Ick kriege 7.5 Maschen/10 Reihen pro Zoll mit 3.0mm Nadeln. Ich kriege auch Hornhaut auf dem Zeigefinger die mehrmahls von der Nadeln durchstochen wurde.

sop's gansey

I am loving this project though. I’ve experimented a ton, using mock-up necks and underarms to get the look i want. I had told SOP about traditional ganseys and thought he might like one, so he looked at the Beth Brown-Reinsel book Knitting Ganseys and chose a sweater worn by the fishermen in one of the first images. No patterning, just a turtleneck with ribs on the shoulders. My great idea was to have the ribs go all the way down the sleeves. Then i get into the tricky part of that, the fact that the ribs need to go in a straight line all the way from the top of the turtleneck to the cuff. After a couple practice runs, i got it how i wanted it, as seen (partially) in the photo above. After ripping the first sleeve out a couple of times, I am now almost done with it and may start the second sleeve by the end of the month.

Ich mag diesen Projekt sehr, aber. Ich habe viel ausprobiert und versucht mit Lehrmodellen für den Kragen und Achselhöhlen. Ich hatte SOP über Ganseys erzählt und dachte er möge einen, also hatte er sich das Buch Knitting Ganseys von Beth Brown-Reinsel angeschaut und sich einen Pullover von einem der ersten Bilder im Buch gewählt – Glatt gestricken mit Riffelung (?wie nenne man ribbing?) auf den Schultern. Meine tolle Idee war die Riffelungen von Kragen bis zum Ärmelaufschlag zu brringen. Nach ein paar Probeläufen, wurde sie wie ich wollte, wie im obigen Bild (teilweise) gesehen. Nachdem ich den ersten Ärmel 2x aufgezogen habe, bin ich jetzt fast fertig damit und werde möglicherweise den zweiten vor dem Monatsende anfangen.