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The Four of Us

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

As you know, within the past year our house went from three to four and then back to three. I finished a this sweater as we were still four, and its christening coincided with a backpack in to Dogie’s favorite stick chasing lake to distribute some of his fur.

Wie ihr wisst, im letzten Jahr waren bei uns zu Hause erst drei, dann vier, und dann wieder drei Mitglieder des Haushalts. Als wir noch zu viert waren, habe ich eine Strickjacke gefertigt. Ihre Taufe traf mit einer Reise nach Dogies Lieblingsteich um ein bisschen seines Fells zu streuen zusammen.

lizzie and I

The pattern was Peasy. Knit with Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. My row gauge didn’t quite match the pattern, and I also wanted full-length sleeves. Oh, and the leaves needed lace at the cuffs to match the bodice.

Der Muster was Peasy. Der Garn, Elsebeth Lavolds Silky Wool. Ich habe die Ärmel länger gemacht, und mit Spitzenaufschlag wie am Leibchen.

chosen for the peasy sweater

And the Beer? Le Quatre from Red Rock

Und das Bier? Le Quatre bei Red Rock

toasting the peasy

It was Lizzie’s first time to Haystack. We got rained and hailed on, threw disk and went on hikes. I think she had a good time.

Es war das erste Mal bei Haystack Lake für Lizzie. Es regnete, und hagelte. Wir haben Frisbeescheibe gespielt und sind wandern gegangen. Ich schätzte, si hat Spaß gehabt.


Whenever we visited Haystack Lake, we’d stash a ‘good’ stick or two for the next visit. Dry sticks that would float well and were large enough, but not too large either. At the lake shore there was one in just the place we left one last year. The same one? Maybe, maybe not.

Jedes Mal als wir bei Haystack Lake waren, verstauten wir einen ‘guten’ Stock. Einen der trocken war, der git flössen wurde. Gross genug, aber auch nicht zu gross. Am Ufer des Teichs fanden wir genau so einen, genau dor wo wir einen letztes Jahr gestellt haben. Der Selbe? Vielleicht, vielleicht auch nicht. Egal.

dogie's spot at haystack lake

Thunder and Lightning

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

April 1994 – August 2011

A massive storm rolled through as August 28th turned into the 29th. Cracking and booming directly over our heads, it set its sights on Dogie, our tough old man. Throwing him into the seizures that affected him periodically over the last year, not just once, but 6 times during the night, we finally let him stop fighting and join the storm.

fresh fur

Monday, November 15th, 2010


Lizzie joined our pack this Saturday! She is a 6.5 year old red heeler (mix?) and LOVES to play ball. We were looking for a friend for Dogie to wake him up every so often during the day and herding dogs seem to get along with other herding dogs in general. Dogie is still uncertain about the new member of the pack, but I think it will just take a little bit of time.

Wir haben ein neues Mitglied des Rudels! Lizzie ist uns am Samstag gekommen. Sie ist 6.5 Jahre und liebt das Ballspielen – obwohl es scheint sie hat bis jetzt nur mit einem Fußball gespielt.

Wir suchten ein Freund für Dogie, um ihn ab und zu während des Tages aufzuwecken und Hütehunde scheinen einander gut zu verstehen. Dogie ist noch nicht ganz überzeugt von dem neuen Mitglied des Rudels, aber ich denke es nimmt einfach ein bisschen Zeit.


Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

GSL Mud Flats

This past weekend we made it out of the city (once known as Great Salt Lake City, but now just Salt Lake City) and to the Great Salt Lake, one of our favorite areas. Well, it’s outside, so that is already a plus most of the time! We went to an area near the Spiral Jetty, Robert Smithson’s creation and hung out in some grass and SOP flew his kite. Sadly the wind was not strong enough (for a beginner) so I was unable to give it a go. Maybe next time!

Letztes Wochenende wir haben der Stadt (einmalig Great Salt Lake City, nun einfach Salt Lake City) entkommen und nach dem Great Salt Lake gefahren. Wir waren in der Nähe des Spiral Jettys, die Erschaffung Robert Smithsons und im Gras herumgehangen. SOP hat seinen Drachen steigen lassen, aber der Wind war leider zu schwach für eine Anfängerin, also muss ich auf das nächste Mal warten.

sop and kite

mr intense

how does a broken ankle make your butt hurt?

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Ah, more whining. well, a little. The surgical pain seems to be over. I have stopped waking up from pain, at least. Today will be my first attempt at a pain-killer-free day. I think it should be do-able, since yesterday i only took about a 16th of what i was at first – when i was waking up from pain and just holding on until the 4 hours had passed so i could take another pain killer. That alone is progress. Hoping i can sleep through the night without any help as well.

The big annoyance is, of course, sitting lying around. Lying, not sitting because sitting tends to still get too much blood to my ankle. My foot is so swollen that i keep thinking i have something between my toes, but it is just that my toes are feeling their neighbors and they are not used to it.

Dogie is lying around the house with me, extremely annoyed that we are not going outside. He sighs dramatically and looks at the door, occasionally emphasizing his annoyance by scooting toward the door as well. He knows, as i do, that it is gorgeous outside and that the hyacinth and tulips are blooming and we still have some summer bulbs to plant.

The thing is, it is not just a matter of getting myself down the steps (completely possible) and set up in a chair with my leg propped up. The real difficulty comes in trying to get back inside later on. The fact of the matter is, and he acknowledges it when we are ready to go in, he needs help going up the stairs himself. I know from the weeks between breakage and surgery that it is possible to do this – i just position myself on my knees so that my foot doesn’t touch the ground and push him up – but it is still tricky at best.

In any case, SOP cannot help me get Dogie up or down any stairs today. He is busy helping some friends rework the space they are leasing for a community acupuncture clinic. Community Acupuncture clinics are attempting to bring acupuncture to more people, by making it more affordable and open – less a ’boutique’ service as it can be in the States. And our friend, who just got his degree in Chinese Medicine, has decided that seems like the right route and mentality for him. They are all busy being useful, and i am reading books and watching anime and whining about my puffy toes.

Don’t tell anyone, but i may go outside this afternoon anyway. I think i may have concocted a plan to make it totally feasible, and only moderately awkward or sketchy.