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It’s Official

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

We survived 2012. The world was supposed to end on 3 separate occasions and yet here we are. Imagine that.

Wir haben 2012 überlebt. Die Welt sollte wenigstens 3-mal vernichtet worden und trotzdem sind wir noch hier. Wer hätte das gedacht.

2012 was insane for us. SOP got a sculpture commission for one of the TRAX (light rail) stations on the new line going out to the Salt Lake Airport. While the commission was awarded in 2011, one of the elements required the help of a machinist due to beefed-up specifications on the part of the engineer. For the machinist, this job was minor and he kept putting it behind other jobs that would come in. Basically, it was over 6 months after SOP had given them the materials and payment that the job was ready to be given back to SOP to be incorporated into the sculpture. And because the incorporation of these pieces was integral to the next steps, it gave SOP a rather tight schedule for 2012.

But oh well. We received word that the installed piece got its final stamp of approval and so now I can post images without worrying that I am jinxing anything.

The piece is a representation of the wetlands of the Great Salt Lake. The lake serves as a staging ground for many birds. The sculpture consists of two pieces each with a stainless steel base covered with copper spheres and hemispheres representing the river bottom.


Twentyfour inches up from the base is the surface of the water – a stainless steel plate with a section cut out from the center through which stainless steel reeds come up. The reed grasses were created with 4 lengths of stainless stell pipe and rod in progressively smaller dimensions, welded together to for the joints of the reeds and then ground back and polished. Additional blades were attached to many of the reeds to add dimension and stability.




The water surface includes 5 panels of braille which were cut out of the plate, machined to add holes for braille, then welded back in to the surface to create seamless integration. The panels contain lyrical descriptions of the 3 different birds represented in the sculpture, the Great Salt Lake, and then an artist statement. This train stop serves the Utah Library for the Blind and Disabled and SOP really wanted to bring that into the piece.



Nestled among the reeds are angular bird forms cast in bronze. The Great Salt Lake is vital to each of the three bird types represented.




And there we have it.