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The start of the volvelles

So, the volvelles did not start out that way. Initially, the idea was for a series of prints each with a different type of treatment for certain ailments. As I worked on the treatment types: Common Western, Traditional Chinese, Self-Medication, etc., the idea of a volvelle came into my head. I was taking an advanced letterpress class at the time and was encouraged to give it a shot. Holy crapamoly, i had no idea what I was getting myself into.

My initial layout was done on paper, sketching and turning so that the eventual holes in the front of the piece would like up with different parts of the body, or ‘areas of malady’. The trick was that with 6 different treatment type stations, things had to be placed so that text would not overlap or be visible in another hole. It sounds simple, but with my layout, and my brain, it wasn’t.

After the first consult on my piece, I was encourage to make te volvelles larger – ending up with an 11.5″ (cm) disk. Somehow, this messed up my initial sketches and I spent way too much time in Illustrator repositioning everything and finalizing what the areas of malady would be. Eventually I wound up with a hole layout like this:


Which would result in reserved spaces for 6 alternate text blocks like this:

No overlaps!

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