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Thunder and Lightning

April 1994 – August 2011

A massive storm rolled through as August 28th turned into the 29th. Cracking and booming directly over our heads, it set its sights on Dogie, our tough old man. Throwing him into the seizures that affected him periodically over the last year, not just once, but 6 times during the night, we finally let him stop fighting and join the storm.

4 Responses to “Thunder and Lightning”

  1. gravatar Susan says:

    Ohje! Das tut mir sehr leid für euch. Armer alter Dogie!

  2. gravatar thuy says:

    Oh, deeohjee. Deeohjee with his booties. And purple flowers on his head. I will never forget.

  3. gravatar Scott, Anna and Obie says:

    He will be very missed. He had a good life and gave those around him a good life. (as long as he was keen on you sorry, Chad, Huffer, Kelly and little bro Marty) Happy to to hear he waited to hear the sky bark as loud as his. He will be missed and always loved in our memories.

  4. gravatar Donna says:

    I’m so sorry – Dogie was an awesome friend to you.

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