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this might be worth more than a beer

Self-Treatment Rear Wheel

Last fall I started working on a print project. Between concept and practice, I decided a volvelle format would be ideal.

Letztem Herbst fang it eine Druckprojekt an. Als ich die Idee ausbaute, entschied ich an die Form einer Volvelle.

assembled volvelles

The project grew into two volvelles, and will grow further from here, but the first two sets are done.

Das Projekt wuchs bis zwei Volvellen, und wird noch weiter wachsen. Für’s Erste, aber, have ich die erste zwei Folgen fertig.

stack of self-diagnosis wheels

3 Responses to “this might be worth more than a beer”

  1. gravatar Donna says:

    This is seriously cool – I hope you show us more!

  2. gravatar thuy says:

    Very cool, indeed! Where may I sign up for one or both of these?

    Look what I found on my rss feed list just a few entries below yours:

    Another wheel!

  3. gravatar k says:

    I’m impressed. That must take some thinking. Looking forward to seeing more.

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