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blue skies and broken bones

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Ah, 2010. I had such high hopes for you. How are you looking so far? I have been sick twice. 2X! More than i am normally sick in 2 years. Is this in celebration of double digits? Not nice.

Then, on SOP’s birthday, on a simple ski in the trees, but on a fairly flat spot with layers of differently texture snow, i heard/felt a ‘pop’ mid-turn. Crap. We got patrol, and it was a fantastic ride out to say the least! Since we were back a ways, they got a snow machine for part of the trek – until the snow machine got stuck and the patroller and i buried. They all did a great job, but the clinic confirmed what I was pretty sure of already – my fibula was broken. Drats.

Last friday i had a follow-up appointment with the orthopaedist. The fracture has shifted and that means surgery. Double Drats.

The good news, however, is that I am now on my way to robot status! I’m getting metal in my leg!

2 Responses to “blue skies and broken bones”

  1. gravatar k says:

    Ooh, and we can all use you as a distraction at airports when we’re trying to smuggle something!
    I’m not a skier, so I don’t understand how this could happen. I mean, the bone was just doing its job…
    Let us talk about the sweater, instead. How is that cable made? In the normal way?

  2. gravatar Donna says:

    Yikes! The whole thing is pretty terrifying to me – I hope you’re on the mend, and I agree – I want more details about the sweater.

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