little miss messy hair
better like umbrellas

Full Sail Gansey

A mere 8 months later, sop’s Full Sail gansey is done!

Bloß 8 Monaten später, der Full Sail Gansey ist fertig!

small lakes

A swim in the lake…
stick games
Am See…

gussets rock

wish we were sailing

SOP chose the beer this time…
pours so nicely
sop hat das bier gewählt

and a fine choice it was!
what a gorgeous beer
und was für eine schmeckhafte Wahl!

full sail


Beth Brown-Reinsel: Design your own Gansey
Brown Sheep Wool: NatureSpun Worsted in Butterscotch
2.0-3.0mm (many bent and broken beyond recognition)
A pattern based solely on changes. Used split welt with doubled yarn on 2.25mm needles to start. Graduated the ribs on the side to the ribs going up the sides to the gussets. Used neck gussets as well. Notice the ribs going all the way from the neck to the cuff? Not as easy as one might first think. One cuff is done with single yarn on 2mm needles and the other with doubled yarn on 2.25mm needles – we’ll see which lasts best
Full Sail’s Old Boardhead Barleywine Ale. Supplied by sop, an excellent match for a fishing sweater. High Octane as well.

4 Responses to “Full Sail Gansey”

  1. gravatar k says:

    It truly suits him. Very well done!

  2. gravatar Susan says:

    Oh, der Pulli ist wunderschön geworden! Und die Farbe steht ihm ausgezeichnet! Was für tolle Fotos – herrlich!

  3. gravatar twig says:

    That turned out really well. I love the detail.

  4. gravatar Katarina says:

    That jumper is wonderful! And that colour is perfect! I really love how your sweaters are teamed up with beer. That’s the way to do it!

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