little miss messy hair
better like umbrellas

looking forward

not to give anything away or anything, but i believe i will be enjoying a tasty beverage, i.e. a beer, this weekend.

Nicht um ein Geheimnis zu verraten, aber ich denke schon daß ich am Wochenende ein leckeres Getränk geniessen werde…

3 Responses to “looking forward”

  1. gravatar Carey says:

    YAY! Can’t wait to see the new…um… thing… (don’t want to give it away either)

  2. gravatar k says:

    So, that thing. Would that be a gusset, then? Will there be blatant underarm exposure? Will we have to censor this, so the children aren’t harmed, psychologically?

  3. gravatar Susan says:

    Ich bin schon ganz gespannt!

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