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running season

well, it is well into running season for me, and as time goes on, i’m going to need more books to listen to on some of the longer runs. Any recommendations for audiobooks? To give you an idea of what i typically go for…

naja, jetzt ist Laufsaison, wenn es so was gibt und bald brauche ich mehr hörbücher für die längeren Läufen. Habt Euch irgendwelche Vorschläge? Unten gibt’s ein paar Vorliebe von mir…

Reading right now / Jetzt auf dem Nachttisch:
Jhereg by Steven Brust (have read this before, just going through the Taltos series again)

Last book read / Gerade vorher:
American Gods by Neil Gaiman (again, i’ve read this before)

Last audio book / voriges Hörbuch:
Collapse by Jared Diamond

I’ll read almost anything by these people / ich lese fast jedes Buch von…:
Bill Bryson
Connie Willis
Neil Gaiman
Terry Pratchett
Michael Pollan
Steven Brust
Jasper Fforde
Jostein Gaarder
Phillip Pullman

I will not read / ich lese niemals:
Romance (yes this includes that so-called fantasy series of the lady that time travels in scotland. a lot of people like it, i know, but it is just not for me).

Any ideas would be appreciated!

4 Responses to “running season”

  1. gravatar Donna says:

    I almost hesitated to recommend this, but because the narrator makes the audiobook for me, and you and I share some reading tastes otherwise, I think you might like “Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare ” by Stephen Greenblatt. It’s like a cross between history and a detective story and the narrator is terrific – I listened to the whole thing and loved it.

  2. gravatar rineke says:

    I recently read some short stories by Anne Enright, and I really liked them.

  3. gravatar Sooza says:

    Hey there, I’ve just finished The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Have you already read it? It’s technically a kids book but l loved it, same as I loved all of his books to date. If you’re into fantasy but not so much into the traditional, medieval inspired themes I’d recommend Tanya Huff’s Keeper’s Chronicles, her Blood Ties series (waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better than the TV series but is basically a vampire story) and the follow up Smoke trilogy (less vampires, more magic). I like her quirky characters and the fun dialogues. I also find Patricia Brigg’s urban fantasy series revolving around Mercedes Thompson the Volkswagen mechanic an entertaining read. It’s not exactly high literature but her characters and storylines are not quite as usual as the rest of the genre.

  4. gravatar sarah says:

    heya — good luck with the running season. No recommendations for the audio books: I tend to listen to podcasts–or heaps of unis have lecture series available on itunes for free. I listened to one on american history just yesterday— maybe I learn more with blood pumping through my veins whilst on a run…

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