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community council sinks to new level

last night at my community council one of the board members voted for a controversial expansion. this person indicated that he/she voted this way not because he/she thought it was in the best interest of the neighborhood or even agreed with the proposal, but because he/she wanted to keep a large number of people coming to the meetings. I’m not sure manipulating people is the best way to encourage people to participate, I know i was put off continuing to participate (again), but i really am interested in the urban forestry committee. Of course, the chair was unprofessional as usual. I had thought our community council could not sink any lower, but i was proven wrong.

As much as i do not want to move, things like this will make it easier, if it does come to that.

es tut mir leid, aber ich übersetzte den obigen text nicht. Dennoch muss ich sagen, daß zur zeit die verhaltung meines gemeindesrat mich körperlich krank macht. Heute tut mir den ganzen körper weh.

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