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"garlic" panorama
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one of the many items that have made me harried and reclusive lately, has been getting sop’s site up. he was nominated for the Salt Lake CityWeekly’s Artys awards and i had to rapidly get something up. Not as dynamic as i want yet, but at least there are a couple images up…

eine der viel zu viele Sachen die mir zuletzt bedrängt und zurückgezohen gemacht haben, war sops site. Er wurde für die Salt Lake City Weekly Artys nominiert und ich musste etwas da haben. Noch nicht als dynamisch als ich haben mochte, aber wenigstens gibt’s ein paar Bilder.

4 Responses to “one crazy of many”

  1. gravatar twig says:

    Oh that’s neat! What’s it made of?

  2. gravatar xmasberry says:

    it is ash wood, cut to 1/4″ square 16′ strips. The balls inside, if you look at are made of plaster, mixed with ash, metal filings, iron oxide and the like. The base is made from flooring of his room in the 337 project. This piece continues to amaze me…

  3. gravatar k says:

    I really like the lights/tubes thing. Is it as shown, or is it upside down? Either way, well, you know, that playing with light thing.

  4. gravatar xmasberry says:

    The tubes, on the main page, are the top-side of the piece. If you look at you can see the entire piece, as well as a view from below.

    It has a very cool story, actually. He hasn’t had time to send me his written statement, but the shape of the piece is the same shape as the Yucca Flats nuclear testing area in Nevada. Each hole in the surface represents a test site. Scale of the surface is, i believe, 1 foot to 1 mile and the piece is ~17x5ft. This was almost a year ago so I am fuzzy on the details, but you get the idea, i hope.

    It was a very neat piece.

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