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the hole story

i have been awful. I am not keeping in touch with friends, not thanking everyone for their comments on the marathon (THANKS!! I really have appreciated hearing from you!), and generally not getting out of the hole i keep digging. Sigh.

found while digging up flower beds

SOP was working on a piece for Present Tense: A Post 337 Project, which is up and running and VERY fantastic! All the artists did amazing work and really filled the extra large gallery at the Salt Lake Art Center that so often makes art seem tiny.

I have been taking a letterpress class and enjoying it very much. I am learning a ton and working on some projects that until now were only in my head. Some of them should maybe have stayed there, honestly.

The client that had not been entering any content on their website, and whom i told months ago that I would soon have almost no time to work on it, so please please please enter content now so we can see what changes need to be made, decided 2 weeks ago to just go live with what little content they have. Sigh. Less sleep.

Since SOP’s piece is installed, we are working on redoing out front yard. Just the west side for now, but I bought a Big-Tooth Maple from Wildland Nursery and in order to get that planted, we ripped up all the turf on the west-side to level the yard and dig the hole. Whew. We finally finished that part last night, so the tree can go in tonight after my class.

English only today, i am afraid. i’m doing well to type this much on my break. I hope everyone is well and overly busy in a happy way!

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  1. gravatar k says:

    I’m glad to see that you still remember us. And that you’ve got good reason to ignore us, what with busy-ness and all.

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