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happy solstice

we’ve had a lovely solstice, and a wonderful christmas eve and day spent mostly in the snow. i hope you all have been able to do some things you love this season as well!

Wir haben eine herrliche Wintersonnenwende, wundervolle Heiligabend und Weihnachstag – meistens im Schnee verbracht – gehabt. Ich hoffe Ihr habt in dieser Jahreszeit auch irgendwas das Ihr wirklich genößet getan.

Heiliger Abend 2007
christmas eve 2007

One Response to “happy solstice”

  1. gravatar k says:

    There’s something wrong with me. The first thing I thought was, “What an excellent color balance!”
    My second thought was probably worse. “Neener, neener, we have more snow!”
    We did a little solstice, and a little celebrating or relaxing, or just having a better time than normal for 21-25. No big pressure, just a letting go. It was wonderful.

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