little miss messy hair
better like umbrellas

a little winter welcome

Sweater: Notre Dame Pullover, IK Summer 2007
Yarn: Reynolds Andean Alpaca Regal, Shade
Size: 40 inches (needed 10 balls yarn, however, not 9)
Buttons: Bloodwood Special, hand made by SOP
Alterations: Thumbholes!
Beer: Samual Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale

Today it snowed!

Heute schneite es!

Knöpfe von SOP
notre dame, button close-up
buttons crafted by SOP

a little winter welcome ale


it's warm outside


5 Responses to “a little winter welcome”

  1. gravatar twig says:

    Doggie is oh so talented. Love the sweater, too. Gorgeous color.

  2. gravatar Carey says:

    Gorgeous! And the SOP-made buttons are the perfect touch!

  3. gravatar thuy says:

    whoa, excellent all around: snazzy sweater, much anticipated snow, exotic beer. the last picture is way too cool. i hope there’s a touch of beer in the snow ball for dogie.

    what will you be casting on next?

  4. gravatar Susan says:

    Der Pulli ist toll geworden und steht dir sehr gut. Tolle Bilder!

  5. gravatar k says:

    You even used the yarn called for in the pattern!
    Someday I will be productive, too.

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