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cabled cardigan


you might find it hard to believe, seeing as it hasn’t really been mentioned, but the cabled cardigan is done! Honestly, the only reason I take so long to finish a sweater is that, with beer being taxed at 86% in utah, i have to save up to buy the celebratory drink!

Man wird vielleicht erstaunt, da ich ihn kaum erwähnt habe, aber der Cabled Cardigan ist fertig!. Leider muss ich langsam stricken um mir meinen feierlichen Umtrunk zu leisten, da Bier im Utah auf 86% besteuert ist.

Cabled Cardigan VogueKnitting Winter 05/06
Kathy Zimmerman
Beaverslide Wool in Charcoal
leftover from this sweater for sop
made the sleeves in a medium and the body in a small, adjusting the sleeve openings as required
this has a super broad collar that will keep the back of my neck warm once the temperatures have dropped 30 degrees
bobbles are not necessarily my thing

6 Responses to “cabled cardigan”

  1. gravatar twig says:

    Looks great! I’ll bet it will be great this winter. 86%? How much does that make a 6 pack of “normal” beer (by that I mean not imported or from a microbrewery)?

  2. gravatar thuy says:

    please take the beer outside for a shot of the sweater in full sun. i would like to see you with sweater in its entirety enjoying the hard earned beer. 🙂

  3. gravatar Susan says:

    Ich probiere es nochmal, irgendwie klappt das nicht mit dem kommentieren hier…
    Der Cardigan sieht klasse aus! Respekt, daß du ihn in der Sommerhitze fertig gestrickt hast. Darf ich fragen, was ein 6-Pack Bier kostet?

  4. gravatar Quincy says:

    hi i enjoyed the read

  5. gravatar rineke says:

    It will be cosy in the winter, and it looks really good on you!

  6. gravatar VaxGirl says:

    Wow, it looks fabulous!

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