little miss messy hair
better like umbrellas


@thuy –
i am afraid my internal operating system needs an upgrade, although it may only get an update…
koala will be patched, just figuring out how… Now that dogie has ‘accepted’ him, i would hate to take him away. Besides, some of his other ‘friends’ are in much worse shape

@Daphne & thuy-
yes, a bit stressful overall. i didn’t really like his coming over, unannounced, so late and then staying for 2 hours, but i feel for him. I am hoping that talking it over will eventually make him realize he needs to fix some stuff, but i kind of doubt it at the same time. He’s a good guy, but he needs to lay off the alchohol a bit and start looking at how he wants things to be, what is realistic, and how to get there.

spill it