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on the sock caboose

My ennstal socks have been put on hold again. Even after switching to 2mm needles, they were going to be too big around. So i started the embossed leaves socks from IK Winter 2006. Still using the Nature’s Palette yarn, but trying these stretchy circulars i got at one of my LYS the other week. The first 10 rows or so felt weird on the circs, and i had to keep pushing the stitches around and stretching the needle, but now that it is more established, i don’t have to push very often and i am getting used to them.


We’ll see if i finally end up with another pair of socks!

2 Responses to “on the sock caboose”

  1. gravatar twig says:

    Oh I’ve heard about those needles. Do let us know how you like them after doing a whole sock on them. How will you do the heel?

  2. gravatar Melissa says:

    Wow, I never heard of the stretchy circular needles before. Are they easy to knit on?

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