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ms beanies

it’s the time of year when i am volunteering at one of the local public radio stations (we have 3), working for the ski resort, and finishing up house projects (the soffit and fascia are DONE! You are all free to visit now, no work will be thrust upon you).

as i sat at the resort job fair last weekend, waiting to interview people, i managed to start a beanie, and have since finished 3. How did i not know these things knit up so fast? In any case, I hope to sell these as part of our fundraisers for the MS ride over the winter.

perhaps not this bright in real life

2 Responses to “ms beanies”

  1. gravatar twig says:

    I’ll bet whoever buys them will love them. I love doing hats for charity projects.

  2. gravatar thuy says:

    yay, ms beanies!

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