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apad – device week

saw this tonight and found a theme for the week:


well, no images got in the first show. I wonder if the same images, but with female models would have been accepted. I am often amazed at the quality, or lack thereof, of some images that, because they have a nude female in them, are labeled as ‘art’. I may be trying to make myself feel better here, but in utah at least, it seems that many in the art community do not want to be labeled as prude and so mediocre nudes get accepted into shows. After all, a naked woman in black and white automatically qualifies as fine art, right? What else could it be?

Sigh, i am over it and looking foward to the next opportunity (or lack thereof 😉 ).

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  1. gravatar sallyjo says:

    Dear, of course you are right. If it is in B&W and has a naked woman, it is Art.
    Alfred Stieglitz’s penis was the original author. The first draft of the law was kicked around in the 1880’s, and was much tested and modified before it was formally codified in the 1930’s. I believe Edmund Weston was one of the final co-signers.
    How about a naked man and woman holding a rich tropical flower at the great salt lake? I’ve done some hand-coloring. We can crack this code.

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