little miss messy hair
better like umbrellas

do the holgamotion*

*please forgive me, i have cornballed

riding to work

still riding to work

almost there

this time as a passenger

3 Responses to “do the holgamotion*”

  1. gravatar melissa says:

    The bicycle photos are cool. They remind me of Martino’s Bike Lane Diary ( Do you already know about his site? It’s awesome. He’s often got photos from a bike, or videos of bike commuting on his site.

    How’d you take the photos while riding? Did you mount your camera to the handlebars?

  2. gravatar sallyjo says:

    I thought there would be more vignetting. Is the shutter speed about 1/125? Nice blacknesses.

  3. gravatar sallyjo says:

    And what the heck is “comballed”?

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