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the face of utah sculpture

last friday night, we went to the opening of The Face of Utah Sculpture exhibition Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City. A variety of work with some truly good stuff in the mix. Here is a sampling of things i liked, as well as a couple i found, well, interesting.

chris coleman
spheres (i didn’t note the name) by Chris Coleman

cradle of life and death
Cradle of Life and Death by Shawn Porter

custom continental
Custom Continental by B. Clark

Dream by Sylvia Davis
beautiful tones in the patina on this one

Fetal by Mark Degraffenried

Flame by Ryoichi Suzuki
i wish i could have had better light for this. The patina was fabulous. It looked like stone.

Gratitude by K. Miduch

haute coutre torture
Haute Coutre Torture by J. Lucius

hybrid seed
Hybrid Seed by N. Johannsen

Jack Knife by D. Holz

la jeune femme
La jeune Femme by J. Young

Michelle (something) by Dan Gerhart

Penguin by U. Brodauf

gypsy woman
Gypsy Woman by P. Pobil

recombinant michelle
Recombinant Michelle by Dan Gerhart

the standard works
The Standard Works by B. Fairbanks
Moses, St Peter, Nephi and Joseph Smith, Jr

treepeople 1
Tree People by Greg Raglan
This is so beautiful in person.
The forms carry a real sense of the organic.
they turn their heads up to the sky,
their lips pursed,
waiting to kiss

wrong end of a 45 / the better man
The Better Man / Wrong End of a 45 by S. Rogers
some of the best western sculpture i’ve seen

If you happen to be in Utah before Aug. 24, 2006, try to check it out.

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  1. gravatar sallyjo says:

    Amazing! how something so brutal and hard as metal can be made to look so fluid and alive. And I really want to roll the spheres around.

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