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better like umbrellas

this list

i haven’t been posting. Why? Well…

  1. i’ve been training for this
  2. which made me buy this*.
  3. so icould listen to more of this**, this*** and this when running over 2 hours.
  4. then i found this to help me plan and track my runs, and more hours were lost
  5. but i have also been doing a bit of this:
  6. orange socks
    yes, they really are that orange

  7. and sop has been doing plenty of this:
  8. flying guy sculpture

  9. and i even did a little of this:
  10. tulip photo

* not sure how i feel about this, actually. So very ‘branded’. But, it can serve as a memory stick as well, and that is always a bonus. I don’t want to rely on it – I doubt i’ll use it for runs less than 12 miles or so, but i also hope i use it enough to justify spending any money at all on it.
**we went to see Zachary Ross and Barclay Martin at a friend’s house (well, at the house of a friend of a friend, actually) last friday night. Very enjoyable live. Listen to a couple tunes and see what you think…
*** Guster is one of my favorite bands – live or otherwise (by that i mean recorded, not dead).

One Response to “this list”

  1. gravatar Kim says:

    1. Good for you.
    2. I love my iPod
    3. I also love Guster (a recent discovery for me)
    4. There are no favorite runs for Lexington, Virginia. Sad. Not that I really run or anything, though I should!
    5. But I certainly do plenty of knitting, also in bright orange.
    6. That is a very funky sculpture.
    7. That is a very nice photo.

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