little miss messy hair
better like umbrellas

the good old presidents

you know, the thing i really like about abraham lincoln was that he was an aquarian. I think he’s one of my favorite aquarians, actually. I’m also proud to share Susan B. Anthony’s birthday (just the day, mind you), but she was never a president of the united states, so has little to do with the great holiday i got to celebrate today: Presidents’ Day.

With fewer stink sleds up the canyon than usual, we got to celebrate in style, on cross country skis.

quiet meadow

heading to the ridge


nice tracks

mount timpanogos

and i leave you with a panorama (HUGE if you click on it)

2 Responses to “the good old presidents”

  1. gravatar moody knitter says:

    Gorgeous fotos!!

  2. gravatar erin says:

    how beautiful!!! we, sadly, have no snow:( Everyone keeps telling us that Utah and CO are getting it instead. I’m glad I can at least share in looking at your snowy whiteness!!

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