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irregular rib raglan

more than a week after ‘finishing’ the irregular-rib raglan sweater, the toggle is done and sewn on, meaning:

the irregular-rib raglan is DONE!

first, a close-up of the toggle, hand made by sop and me:

sweater toggle
blood wood toggle , leather from scraps bought at the local leather shop

sop seems fairly happy with it:

standing pose

close up

although i do think he might have studied the poses in the book a bit too ardently:

sans lipstick
sans lipstick at least

Final notes:
Pattern: Irregular Rib Raglan from loop-d-loop
Yarn: Beaverslide Dry Goods wool in charcoal
Needles: Addi Turbos (i normally use bamboo), size 4.5mm
Modifications: 1) I didn’t bind off the armholes, i kept the stitches live for later grafting (anyone know why this isn’t a good idea?). 2) I cast on the sleeves and body with a 4mm needle and knit the first 3 inches at that size to tighten up those edges a bit. 3) Hand-made toggle. Relatively easy, but had sop asked me to remove it afterwards, well, things could have gotten ugly.
What i learned: I finally ‘got’ right and left decreases to the point of knowing what to use when. I know this is a simple concept, but i have always relied on looking (okay, a right-dlanted deacrease is made how?….). Due to the irregular shaping in this pattern, it finally set. Can’t explain why it hadn’t before or why it did now other than i finally stopped looking it up and just did it myself.

9 Responses to “irregular rib raglan”

  1. gravatar erin says:

    That looks great! When I saw the picture in the book, I was unconvinced. I definitely think your model is a significant improvement over the one in the book.

  2. gravatar jess says:

    WOW, does that look amazing! (and it’s the perfect sweater for SOP… even though i’m still not sure what SOP stands for, hee hee ;)). i haven’t seen this sweater knitted anywhere yet.

    can you say more about the beaverslide? i just heard about it on jared’s blog –

  3. gravatar yahaira says:

    looks gorgeous, it fits him perfectly.

  4. gravatar Alexandra says:

    I like! Which Beaverslide wool did you use, the fisherman weight or the worsted with mohair?

  5. gravatar Alexandra says:

    Never mind, I see you talked about it in your most recent entry.

  6. gravatar Miriam says:

    What a great sweater! I can’t wait to try some Beaverslide.

  7. gravatar uglyagnes says:

    wow that looks great!

  8. gravatar Knit One, Purl Too: A Knitlog » Blog Archive » I’ve taken up decoupage…just kidding! says:

    […] For now, I have my nose in several books, courtesy of Crafter’s Choice, including Knitting Rules, which was as entertaining as I expected, given Stephanie’s inspired lunacy (now all I have to do is get to Toronto so she can autograph it for me), and Wrap Style, because I must to be making the Twisty Turns wrap, now please. [I’m currently in denial about the fact that my own rack is significantly larger than the model’s — Ed.]. Under the influence of Ann and Kay, thanks to this entry re: the Irregular Rib Raglan (see another great version knitted up here), I also purchased Loop-d-Loop from the estimable Teva Durham. My husband’s first sweater isn’t even finished and I’m adding this one to the list. I also got some book by these two knitters who like to make dishcloths and are fond of Rowan – you might have heard of it? Two cowgirls on the cover and log cabin knitting inside? Yep, that’s the one. Even though it’s light on the things I ordinarily make (and I don’t often knit with cotton), I figured out why I like it so much – Ann and Kay’s attitude toward knitting, hellbent for leather and full of fun, reminds me of Elizabeth Zimmerman. I might be a party pooper for saying this, but the world only needs so many knitting books (One Skein? Is it really that hard to figure out what to do?) – we definitely need more like these. […]

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