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the not-short-row hat

i bought some yarn the other week from Black Sheep Wool, my favorite LYS. The yarn is 55%Hemp, 45% wool and spun by a local company (person?), The Angora Cottage. I chose the color, pansies, with the short row hat in mind.

As i started knitting, however, i realized that the variations in color came too quickly to look right in the short row hat and, after reading Melissa’s ode to linen stitch, decided that the linen stitch just might be the one to show off this yarn.

so, here we have it, the pansies hat:
pansies hat
live model
pattern, none really.
1. Cast on an even number of stitches, enough to fit around your head. Join in round, be careful not to twist, bla bla.
2. Work in linen stitch for 5 inches (i think i should have gone for less, though).
3. Purl one round.
4. Divide your total number of stitches by 5, call that number ‘n’
5. k2tog at the nth stitch (n=n-1) every other row until you have decreased the number of stitches by approximately 30%
6. Decrease at the nth (n=n-1) stitch every row until you have 5 stitches left.
7. Draw end of yarn through the last five stitches and work in ends.

2 Responses to “the not-short-row hat”

  1. gravatar Melissa says:

    I love it, I love it! The linen stitch is versatile too, ah what a stitch. Maybe I’ll have to make “the pansies hat” to go with the linen stitch scarf I’m making…

  2. gravatar SpiderWomanKnits says:

    Oh…so nice. I have never knit the linen stitch but will do so shortly. It really looks great 🙂 Thanks for the inspiriation!

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