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photo a day – rut

another chair

i don’t know why i keep trying to capture the morning light in our kitchen with the digital camera. I never seem to be able to get its softness. And then of course, there’s a chair again. When will i get out of that rut? Is it a rut? I’m not sure.

My goal for 2006 is to consciously not take art too seriously. Not that i do, but i see a lot of people fall into that trap and i see the same four generic nudes at every photo competition where the nude says nothing, but the photo is labeled as art because there is a nude woman in it. So tired of that. While there are times in utah that you are surprised at what gets ‘accepted’ when it comes to art, there are other times when it is just so predictable that it makes you want to scream and the only way to not scream is to just take the whole thing less seriously. We’ll see how much i scream this year.

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  1. gravatar sallyjo says:

    Elitist tripe is what “we” call it. I intend to make my fortune in it, thank you very much.
    I like the chairs a lot, the juxtaposition of one “known” image against another “known”, the balance of one negative space against another. I’d like to know what you see in the pictures, though.
    p.s. It occurs to me that Utah is more highly represented than any other state in the blogs I read. What does that mean?

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