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shibori on hold

i am this close to being done with my object to shiborify. Since it was supposed to be my january project, i was set on finishing it last night. Needing to run, and needing yarn, of a particular shade to match the yarn i almost had enough of, i ran to Black Sheep Wool after work (running with a backpack sucks, by the way), went over to their cascade section and… no charcoal. I asked the owner and she said they were really out, but she could order some for me, it would be a week, though. Oh well. I ordered the yarn and ran home. Shibori will have to wait.

So i started this instead.

3 Responses to “shibori on hold”

  1. gravatar Kim says:

    I always seem to have the same luck with running out of yarn, and then not remembering what color I need! Oh well, the hat’s cute too!

  2. gravatar sarah says:

    Hey Xmasberry, thanks for your comments. I know what you mean about that steely blue in winter. I had never experienced it until I went to Europe for the first time recently. It is so striking. And I was almost blinded by the strength of the summer light when I got back here to Australia. Good luck with the shibori – and i have been enjoying seeing your teva durham knitting, by the way. One day I hope to be able to do something like that 🙂

  3. gravatar little miss messy hair » Blog Archive » hell is five feet of i-cord says:

    […] January’s technique: Shibori January’s pattern: Canteen Bag (IK Fall 2005) January’s problem: A shortage of cascade 220 in charcoal […]

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