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kumihimo for sop

thursday night i declared the kumihimo braid officially long enough! Then friday night i added a bit more, just in case. Glued and wrapped the ends, after running to the library to get a better description than “wrap the ends in the traditional fashion” and fabric-glued the end-threads. (I didn’t really find a better description by the way, it is probably just my own insecurity that made this a daunting task). Saturday, sop attached the end clamps with E6000 glue and sunday night the necklace went out on the town.

ring-side seats

the braid will most likely stretch from the weigh of the platinum ring, so i have an extra clasp set for that time, when i will re-wrap the ends at the correct length and cut off the remainder.


i’m also looking forward to re-doing the clasp. i am not quite happy with the plentitude of residual glue.

If you are looking into kumihimo, i made this braid using the plate and disk book and disk available from braidershand. Janis is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and i would definitely recommend braidershand as a resource and supplier. I will probably make a few more braids on the plate and disk before i contemplate purchasing a marudai, but i really enjoyed making this braid once i got the trials (and HUGE errors) done.

3 Responses to “kumihimo for sop”

  1. gravatar thuy says:

    yay for new blog layout!

    rear-view, hahahahahah. great color combo for the braid. and the best looking clasp i have ever seen!

  2. gravatar sallyjo says:

    Much, much nicer. I like the snow picture/header. And I like the kumiho idea. Honest, I’ll try it some time…

  3. gravatar erin says:

    nice layout!!! I like the kumihimo braid too – it’s such a neat way of making braided things.

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