little miss messy hair
better like umbrellas

runaway weekend

so, this weekend i did the usual, which means i worked. BUT, i also did the unusual, which means i got out of town. a friend of SOP was having a surprise birthday party up in Heber (near park city). well, HE wasn’t having it, as it was a surprise, his wife was putting it on, but you get the gist of the matter: we went up to a “cabin” in heber for a weekend birthday party. i put the word cabin in quotes in the above sentence because this place was about 4000 square feet and had so much stuff inside, that it does not qualify as a cabin in my mind, but i think they like to call it a cabin instead of “second home”. anyway, the “themes” some pillow fluffer decided to cover every square inch of wall- and shelf-space in this place with ranged from medieval (tapestries, cherubs, suits of armor) through southwestern (large native-american-stylized prints on a hallway wall so that you couldn’t see them anyway) to outdoorsy (hunting and fishing paraphernalia accompianied by birdhouses). The interior and size of the place aside, however, this was a beautiful place to be. right out the back door you could go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. had i brought my tele skis it would have been even better than the XC skis, but who cares?! it was so much fun to be outside in the hills and snow!

sop and the object of celebration:
they look like brothers

sop on the ridge with Chad and Charlotte
on the ridge

the least-decorated room in the house (the mud-room, as we prepare to head out skiing). the lack of whigmaleerie must disconcert the owners every time they come into the room:

and my favorite shot, taken on the way up the canyon, of a blurry, bouncy, blue, clear sky:

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