little miss messy hair
better like umbrellas


last night was a night of weird dreams. maybe it was the storm, but i had several weird dreams and at some point, i believe i turned off my alarm clock since it did not go off this morning.

the one dream was one in which i was in a store, kind of a department store / mega store. It is someplace i have been in dreams before, but never in person. Kind of like my favorite ski resort. i know it every time i go there: it is really cool in the summer, too, when you can float down the river and then go climbing in the canyonlands-type landscape that is just around the bend…

but back to last night’s dream. i was in this store buying dye. kind of a paint dye. i was going to be making a floor mat, from what i can tell, i believe i was going to knit it and then dye a design on it. I had bought a couple of colors and then realized i wanted a different color in it and was going to go back, but had lost my receipt and was afraid they would charge me again. i had walked to the store, so i had no place to stash the stuff while i picked out the other dye, so i hid the box with the dyes in it under a staircase and went searching for the receipt. As i am walking through the store it seems all the men shopping for furniture and such are singing to the Cure; i only know it is the Cure because a kid passes and says “i hate the Cure”. Just as i was about to give up hope, i found my receipt in the aisle and went and got another bottle of paintable dye. And wouldn’t you know it, then there was magically a register on the floor where i was so i could pay and i wouldn’t have needed the other receipt at all!

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